Off Set Canes

An offset walking cane is a cane that features a specialized handle which makes it easier for it to bear weight and for the user to grip. Offset handle canes are available in many different styles and shapes, and some of them have either an orthopedic (ergonomic) grip, or even a contoured grip to ensure ease of use for the owner.


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SKU: Ferns offset white sku:822384002605 Bronze off set canes sku:822383254043 Offset black cane sku:612479222618 offset purple cane: sku852899002043 lemons comfort grip cane sku:822384002551 Drive Navy offset sku:822383001722 BLJAY silver offset sku:652508379371 BLJAY black offset sku: 652508379364 Offset silver sku:822383118048 offset Lime green sku:852899002029 paisley sku:771224210055 off set orange sku:852899002036 purple flowers sku:771224211410 offset cane pink sku:852899002487 off set cane camo sku: 771224211700 Sky med bariatric cane - slate gray sku:12851714 butterfly off set cane sku:771224210079 Bariatric Offset Cane sku:771224215005 Canterbury Green Floral sku:771224109113 Off set green plaid canes sku:822383001760 Category:


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