Miracle Cushion OPTIMA Orthopedic Non-liquid Gel High Comfort Seat Cushion


SUPERIOR COMFORT AND PRESSURE RELIEF- unique column buckling technology lets you sit for long periods in comfort almost eliminating pressure on the coccyx, tailbone and lower back while sitting, driving or travelling.


  • HIGHLY DURABLE – patented non-liquid gel material NEVER takes a compression set, meaning it will NEVER lose its cushioning ability or go out of shape.
  • PORTABLE – built in carry handle for everywhere use: home, office, auto, travel, sports stadiums, wheelchair etc.
  • COMFORTABLE OVER LONG PERIODS OF SITTING – column buckling technology does not allow for reverse pressure meaning comfort over long periods.
  • USA MADE – designed and made in the USA to exacting manufacturing standards USES-Gel Pad, Home Office Auto Travel and Wheelchair Cushion, for Bottom, Lower Back, Coccyx, Pain Relief, USA Made