Commode Liner Bags (20 Pack)

The CareBag Disposable Commode Liner is designed to safely collect, transport and dispose of body fluids when using a commode.

The liner avoids the unpleasant job of cleaning the commode pail and reduces the chance of cross-contamination.

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  • The CareBag contains a super absorbent pads that turns liquid waste into a gel within a matter of seconds.
  • Easy to use, simply place the liner in the commode pail, use, and toss.
  • You never have to worry about cleaning a commode pail again!
  • More economical than commode liners filled with absorbent powder.
  • Once the bag is sealed, there is no risk of spills or splashes.
  • The CareBag Commode Liner is the superior and affordable solution the commode users need for the daily management of their soiled commode pails.