Cloud with Twilight Small Medium Power Lift Chair Recliner

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This Chair can be ordered in the

Brisa Material

Beet Root (UBE), Black Onyx(UBO), Bridle(UBR), Buckskin(UBS), Cream(UCR), Coffee Bean(UCB), Iron(UIR), Night Navy(UNN), Distressed Saddle(USA), Shiitake(USH)

Anli Urethane Fabric

Chestnut(ACH), Cobalt (ACO), Eclipse (AEC), Geranium (AGE)

Easy Living Fabric

Anchor (EAC), Bittersweet, (EBS), Oxford (EOX), Port (EPO), Sandstorm (ESS)

Imagine Fabric

Antler(IAN), Lake Front (ILA)

Microsuede Fabric

Bourbon (JBO), Smoke (JSM)

Porto Fabric

Calypso (PCA), Copper (PCO), Hazelnut (PHA), Shiraz(PSH), Sterling(PST)

Sutton Faux Leather Fabric

Graphic (SGR), Maple (SMA)