When shopping for a cane, you’ll need to select a style that has the right type of tip and handle to meet your needs. Canes may have one tip at the bottom or a wider base with four tips. The four-tip cane (quad cane) provides a more stable base and is often recommended for individuals who need extra help to maintain their balance. The single tip cane is lighter in weight and often a better choice for those who do not have as much upper body strength. The handles of canes are generally curved or straight. With a straight handle, it is easy to maintain a tight grip, but a curved handled cane can be hung on the back of a chair or a hook for convenient storage. Straight-handled canes may differ in the shape of their grips, and some are ergonomically designed for individuals with arthritis and other conditions that may reduce hand strength or flexibility. Your medical provider will likely give you advice as to which type of cane is the best choice for you.

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