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Home delivery medical equipment supplies company, servicing many customers!

Most frequently asked question?

Why appointment only?

“By Appointment, Only” business hours are for the convenience, comfort and (most importantly) the privacy of our customers.

A private one on one showroom appointment elevates the customer’s experience by being able to give undivided attention and education on products. Additionally, it allows MG reps to form valuable long-term relationships with their customers.

Customers have an opportunity to shop in a controlled atmosphere with a personalized experience.

All special orders require prepayment.

Minimum order of $50.00 for free delivery within 5 miles of North Syracuse.

(excluding larger items ie; Beds, Travel scooters, Motorized wheelchairs, lift chairs, patient lifts. )

Mother Goose in the business of medical equipment supplies in Syracuse since last three years. It provides quality Durable Medical Equipment (DME) & Home Medical Equipment Supplies in Syracuse,timely and efficiently with a trained and knowledgeable sales team. We currently do not accept insurance but we are here to make sure all of your needs are met and cost effective for you!

The advanced Home medical equipment supplies from Mother Goose is helping people to get a better and easy going life. All the equipment has different benefits and uses.

We have a great range of Home medical equipment which is essential. The heavy-duty power mobility scooter, power wheelchairs, assist poles, Geri lounger, lift chairs, and many more other pieces of stuff. The range is vital, and they are easy to access. Also, our team assists you in knowing how your machine exactly works. Our service gives the best access to hospitals. Every equipment gets prepared with care while understanding all the needs based on these types of equipment.

Mother Goose is known for best Home Medical Equipment Supplies in Syracuse. All varieties of hospitals accessories at reasonable prices and provides free home delivery within 5 miles of North Syracuse with a minimum order of $50.

In most cases, for orders placed before 2:00 pm EST, we offer same day delivery.

Power Mobility/Scooters
Heavy Duty Power Mobility
Power Mobility/Wheelchairs

Assist Poles/Stand Assist 

Lift Chairs
Geri Loungers
Wheelchairs & Accessories
Transport chairs
Clever Lite Walkers


Steerable Knee Scooters
Bath Safety / Bath Lifts
Hospital Beds & Accessories
Bariatric Items
Bath Safety Items